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Advanced Soccer with the Aptos Soccer Club

The Aptos Soccer Club offers the opportunity for players seeking more of a challenge than that offered by recreational soccer by playing at the Competitive Level in the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA). Club teams at this level are usually placed in the Copper, Bronze, or Silver brackets of the Coast District of the Cal Soccer League, and are administered under the banner of the Santa Cruz County Youth Soccer League (SCCYSL). The Aptos Competitive Soccer teams, called the Aptos Tide, typically play for more than the fall season. Practice usually begins in July, and many teams play indoor soccer in the winter, and/or CYSA Spring league. Coaching emphasis is on player and team development, and players are selected for the fall season by tryout in spring. If selected for a team, a player who chooses to play commits to that team until the next soccer year begins, Aug. 1 of the following year.

Travel for league play is minimal to moderate. In a 10-game season five of the games are played in Aptos and five away. Of the five road games 2-3 usually are against opponents within the county Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Mid-County, etc), and the remaining take place in adjacent counties Santa Clara, San Benito, or Monterey. Tournament play is decided by each team, but the most popular ones are held in the SF Bay Area in the fall, and most teams play in one to three per year. Tournaments can be memorable events, and often are the highlight of the season for the players.

Costs beyond league registration include uniforms, professional training, tournaments, bonding activities/parties, equipment and misc., and range from $100 to $300 per year, depending on the team and year (uniforms are only purchased every three years). Sponsors and fundraising efforts can help reduce the cost to families.

Advanced Soccer teams can stay together for many years, developing a team sense and camaraderie that can be very rewarding for the players and families involved. Commitment to playing on a Tide team does not mean giving up all other athletic activity. We encourage players to participate in other sports and scholastic soccer. Coaches are encouraged to accommodate player schedules as much as possible to ensure the development of well-rounded athletes. The coaches are also strong adherents to the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance, which seeks to develop the entire player by teaching not just the fundamentals of the sport, but good sportsmanship, respect for the game, the opposition, the referees, the team, and themselves. Our aim is not just to develop great soccer players, but to develop great citizens through personal growth and teamwork.

If your child exhibits a skill or desire that is not satisfied by playing at the recreational level, then consider trying out for one of the Aptos Tide teams.



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