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See below for Recreational Soccer Schedules


See below for Recreational Soccer Schedules

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Rules of the Game

Coaches Rec Reference

Please remember how you as the coach are an example for your players and parents, show how to be respectful of our referees and demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Important Rules:

  1. On the kick off the ball can go in any direction (even backwards)
  2. U12, U10 and U8 no intentional headers, if in the opinion of the referee the player intentionally headed the ball an Indirect free kick will be awarded at the spot of the foul
U-8: 20 min. halves, #3 ball, 6 + GK = 7 players
  • No Offside
  • No Penalty Kicks
  • One Rethrow
  • No intentional heading
U-1O: 25 min. halves, #4 ball, 7 + GK = 8 players
  • No Penalty Kicks
  • All kicks are Indirect
  • No intentional heading
  • No slide tackling
  • Offside will be called if clearly in an offside position [more then 4 ft]
  • Rethrows will be allowed the first 5 weeks
U-12: 30 min. halves, #4 ball, 8 + GK = 9 players
  • No Dangerous Play, keep slide tackling under control
  • No Rethrows
  • No intentional heading
U-14: 35 min. halves, #5 ball

U-16 40 min. halves, #5 ball

There should be no Injury time added to any game (unless highly unusual circumstances causing extended delays). Also ties stand - no overtime or shootouts. If for some reason halves must be shortened due to field schedule conflicts, etc., both coaches must be informed prior to the game.

Games will go more smoothly if we remember these few basic game points:

Substitutions: Can be done only with Center Ref. approval. Let ref. know number of subs, wait until they are off field before sending new subs on or the ref waves them on.
  • Prior to a throw in for one’s own team, or for either team if the throwing team is subbing
  • before any goal kick
  • after any goal
  • at half time
  • after an injury (either team)

If a player is issued a yellow card, they do not have to leave play for a sub but the coach has the option to sub them out temporarily

All spectators must stay 1 yard back from the side line, and none are allowed near the goal line

On throw-ins 6 ft from player, on corner 10 yds from ball

It is only a foul if the player intentionally handles the ball, if the ball plays the player it is not a foul.

Offside is from when the ball is kicked.

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